Exclusive Inventory Solutions wants to be transparent about our pricing. We’ve decided to keep everything simple and not charge for items such as boxes, air-pillows, and other things that are necessary for most common shipments. Our service is simple and includes, receiving, inspecting, removal of labels, any prep work needed*, FNSKU Labeling, Shipping Contents, and Shipping Labels.
*Oversized units (24”+ on longest side) $5/unit

  • Simple bundles count as 2 units
    • Simple bundles are considered:
      • Up to 2 unique items in the bundle
      • Up to 8 total items in the bundle
      • Standard size or smaller by Amazons sizing
      • *Any bundles that are outside of these parameters you should contact us directly to get a quote on your particular bundle.
    • Simple Bundles (1-2 UNIQUE ITEMS; 1-8 TOTAL UNITS) will count as 2 units off of monthly plan allotment. Other bundles please contact us and we will work with you to get the best price possible.
    • If you are doing 50 or more of any certain bundle, contact us for special pricing. The larger the unit count per bundle SKU the better rate we will be able to provide you.
    • We do all types of bundle assembly with custom quotes based of prep required.

For overstock inventory, we also include 30 days of free
storage. A $35 fee per pallet storage fee will be applied monthly for holdings over 30 days. We work diligently to ensure customer satisfaction. We will get as much as possible on a pallet in order to keep your monthly costs to a minimum (Up to 72 inches high on and 48×40 pallet).