When you use a Prep Center, the two most important things are attention to detail and the turnaround time. EIS delivers both of those


If you want a professional prep center that focuses on your inventory like you would then look no further. Exclusive Inventory Solutions Kyle and Jason and their staff are always looking for the best most efficient way to prep and ship our products to Amazon. We are proud to say we were their first clients. They know a lot more about shipping and prepping then I ever would. Great systems and processes are in place to make the turn around time a day or two and not ever longer. They are competitive on price as well. I trust them with more than one seller account and you should too. I have used many prep centers and there is no comparison. Thanks Kyle and Jason. One less thing for me to worry about.

-Waddy Platt

Darien CT 

Exclusive Inventory Solutions has been a total game changer for us. So much so that we’re in the process of moving out of our own warehouse and giving them 100% of our prepping/packaging business! Without exaggeration, their team packs a in a day what it used to take ours a month or more to do. And they keep us up-to-date with regular pictures and messenger check-ins every step of the way. They’ve helped us more-than-double our monthly revenue so far and I’m sure this is just the beginning!

 -Luke Livingston

                                                                                                                                                                                  Co-founder of Saga Enterprises, LLC